Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Natural Language in TITLE tags

Is it useful to use natural language in TITLE tags or the bullet point method for scanning purposes?

I started this post over at SearchEngineWatch, here is brief comment and the link if you would like to follow:
I guess this answer to this is purely based on the context of its use and the constraints of a client's site. In many cases I believe that centering one page around a keyword is strategic, but there are many cases where a client's page focuses on so many items, which is necessary to support the end goal, that the bullet point method for scanning can be useful as well.
I am very interested in search behavior and intent that guiding it to a conversion can be done via different methods.

I guess I'm trying to expand upon the simplicity of just saying, well use natural language in your TITLE and based the whole page on one keyphrase. Well okay, I agree with that depending on the goal it supports, but is this the only method? I've had a lot of success optimizing pages for 3-4 keywords that result in conversions.

Maybe its the behavior of the SEM, how aggressive will you go to achieve conversion? Is it this grey area...

Natural Language in TITLE tag

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