Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Vote for Top 100 Online Marketers 2009

Recently I found out I was nominated (BJ Cook - @bj) to Invesp’s Top 100 Online Marketers of 2009. I feel honored to be on this list of people as some of them have helped shape my own thoughts and approached to marketing over the years. So like any good marketer, I’m starting my campaign trail here. Head over to the list and if I’ve contributed to your marketing insights over the year, please cast a vote for me. Hopefully all of my readers here have enjoyed my posts over the years. I'd also love to hear some feedback if you have 2 minutes.


Vote for us - Top Marketer of 2009


  1. being nominated is such a great opportunity, BJ..your lucky to be one of them..

  2. Wow ! that’s great …..hope to expect more.

  3. Congrats on getting 2.5% of the vote, hopefully you will get nominated again in 2010.

  4. Thanks for the congrats everyone!!


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