Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Japanese Variety Show Comes To US via Hulu and Joost

If you've seen "I Survived A Japanese Game Show" and "Wipeout" you've probably been exposed to some good ole Americanized reality shows that put their contestants through ridiculous experiments and challenges. But all these are merely ripoffs of the authentic Japanese Game Shows that have existed for years. One of the ones we've been exposed to recently was Gaki No Tsukai. This group of comedians seem like the Japanese version of Jackass, a group of young guys out of West Chester, PA that push their bodies and friends to the limit everyday. Gaki No Tsukai has now been part of recent US launch on and Both video sites have picked up the the episodes and created channels to show off this hilarious japanese video content. In addition to the Hulu and Joost channels (this is only available in the US), there is Gaki Attack, where with your account, you can experience the weapons used in the Gaki episodes and send attacks to your friends on Twitter. What better way to celebrate your love for your friends than slapping them with some Yamasaki or a wonton noodle?

Here are the links to each website:

Hulu - Gaki Channel
Joost - Owarai - Japanese Variety Show
Gaki Attack Twitter App - Join the battle and show your inner ninja

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Final Open Web Awards Update - The Winners Announcement

The Open Web Awards Winners Are Here!!
You can read about the news over at as well.

Mainstream & Large Scale Social Networks

Winner: Netlog
Runner-up: Platinum Lounge

Embeddable Widgets

Winner: Qoof
Runner-up: Sprout

Blog Plugins

Winner: ShareThis
Runner-up: AddThis

Social News

Winner: Help a Reporter Out
Runner-up: Hubdub

Social Networking Applications

Winner: Aritition
Runner-up: Digsby

Social Bookmarking

Winner: Diigo
Runner-up: ShareThis

Search & Social Search

Winner: Scour
Runner-up: Artiklz

Sports & Fitness

Winner: Gyminee
Runner-up: FitFiend

Photo Sharing

Winner: ipernity
Runner-up: TinyPic

Video Sharing

Winner: ffwd
Runner-up: YouTube

Start Pages

Winner: Google
Runner-up: iGoogle

Places & Events

Winner: Doodle
Runner-up: Muchmor


Winner: SpottedByLocals
Runner-up: GeckoGo


Winner: Noisetrade

Social Shopping

Winner: Pikaba
Runner-up: A Full Cup


Winner: Coolspotters
Runner-up: Polyvore

Celebrity & Gossip

Winner: Oh No They Didn’t
Runner-up: BollyScoops

Mobile Applications

Winner: Evernote
Runner-up: MocoSpace

Dating & Romance

Winner: Zoosk
Runner-up: DateHookup


Winner: Encyclopedia Dramatica
Runner-up: WikiHow


Winner: Politics4All
Runner-up: CreateDebate


Winner: A Full Cup
Runner-up: College Cram


Winner: Ecomii
Runner-up: Gazelle

Non-Profit Causes

Winner: Stop Political Calls
Runner-up: SocialVibe

Online Games

Winner: Playfish
Runner-up: Power Pets

Niche Social Networks

Winner: The Star Tracker
Runner-up: Wadja