Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How Target Is Teaching Us To Be Green - 10 Ways To Reuse Your Bag

From the looks of my Mint.com account, it seems as if we spend a lot of time at Target or as some say Tar-shay. We enjoy our little trips to this big retail store; everything is always in the same place, it features great affordable designer brands like Method and you never leave without spending at least $100. The thing I never noticed was that Target was continuing the conversation with me in my home on my dinner table. Something caught my eye ... 10 Ways To Reuse Your Target Bag. You've all got that little stockpile of plastic bags stuffed into a plastic holder, in the shelf in a closet or maybe strewn about the floor because the cats love to play in them. Well, I bet you didn't notice the little top 10 list provided by Target on some of them. So here it is:

1. Tiny Trash Can Liner
2. Doggy Duty
3. Water Balloon
4. Road Trip Rubbish
5. Soggy Laundry
6. Ice Pack
7. Toiletry Tote
8. Kitty Litter Liner
9. Tomorrow's Lunch Bag
10. Care Package Padding

So then I thought about what else could you use that bag for and here's BJ's Top 10 Ways To Reuse Plastic Bags:

1. Makeshift Rain Hat
2. Convertible Car Window in the Summer
3. Storing Ex-Lovers Belongings
4. Socks
5. Fishing Tool When Stranded On Island
6. Gym Bag
7. Grease Collector
8. Multi-Plastic Bag Holder (string it through multiple handles)
9. Stuffing A Scarecrow
10. Diapers when you don't get on Ellen's Mother's Day Show

So if you have some creative ways to use those old bags, post them in comments here.

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