Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Do-It-Yourself SEO: Now Uncle Joe Can Optimize Too

Seriously now. If you are going to advertise the ultimate SEO software solution, you should really be ranking pretty high for terms like "seo software." Sites like just give a bad name for those of us who work in this industry and have busted our butts to get where we are today. It's not just about TITLE and META tags, writing a ton of content and trading links. Many of us come from traditional backgrounds spawning from the web like designers, developers, producers, copywriters, etc. I can speak for myself that we not only have an understanding of how to grow a site from an idea to a sketch to a mockup to slicing it up to programming it to...the list goes on, we are experts in this field of search now. Most local business owners think "algorithms" is greek. Hiring a firm, agency or even freelancer to manage your search marketing efforts is a cost-effective way to make sure the rest of the things in your business are running smoothly and being tended too like accounting, finances, affiliate programs, offline marketing, media buying/planning and making sure the carpet isn't coming up. A do-it-yourself solution isn't wise money spent unless you are VERY familair with this field, attended some webinars or trade shows or took a course at At some point you truly need an expert to evaluate what you are doing. It makes sense and unless you have a money in the back of your business; be sensible and make sure your dollars are earning you something valuable in return.

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