Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Blingo.com - Win Prizes With Search

Come on it doesn't get any better than this, winning prizes just for using their search technology? Seems too easy huh? Well being that I'm in lovely San Diego and these guys are based out of Cali, I've got to support them out of geographic loyalty.
Here are some details from their site:
How does it work?

It's simple:

1. We pick a bunch of random winning times.

2. Search at the right time and you win, instantly. No registration required.

3. Then tell us where to send the prize.

Clicking search results or sponsored links does not increase your chances of winning, and you're limited to 10 qualifying searches per day. The best way to win on Blingo is just to use it whenever you want to search the web.

Check out Blingo here

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