Thursday, November 10, 2005

Going Postal At DMOZ

Okay so I've come across this thread at and a business owner was wondering why his site's TITLE tag was reading incorrectly in the Google SERPs'. Quickly it was noted that his TITLE was being generated via DMOZ, where he proceeded to head to contact them about revising his outdated description and TITLE. He then stated "I have had trouble with them before; their answers are not always polite."

Why is that? We all deal with DMOZ editors on a weekly basis trying to update old listings and add new ones. Maybe it's time that DMOZ gave its volunteers a day at the spa to relieve some of their cranky moods. Another thing, you're a volunteer, if you don't like dealing with annoying people wondering when their site listing is going to appear, don't volunteer. It's as simple as that. DMOZ is a service industry essentially, you'd like to be received with a smile when taking the time to add your site to their directory, not reminded how in RULE#401 it states the proper way to format a question to them. I think some of the people over at DMOZ are on the verge of going postal at times ...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Podcasting with Yahoo

I was doing a search for "podcasting" in Google and found this: