Thursday, September 01, 2005

20-Something Marketing Forum

Jared Degnan runs this new podcast that I've been listening too. I wanted to share with everyone out there because I feel he has a good foundation for exploring the lives of people in their 20's working in marketing and trying to reach for those ideas that seem to be squandered by baby boomers. Check it out here.

I recently wrote to Jared and this is what he said:
"My ultimate goal with the podcast (and the blog to a lesser extent) is to create an entertaining medium to share experiences about being in marketing and in your 20's so its great to hear from people like you."

My response was:
I think one of the things to address in terms of your podcast is ambition because Fortune 100 & 500 companies are starting to see VP, Director positions filled by people in their late 20's because of their thought provoking innovation and ability to connect with the upcoming generation. I think they are finding that it is becoming difficult for the baby boomers to find targeted ways to communicate marketing initiatives to our generation because we are so wired and on the go all the time, whether it be on the train texting friends about the previous night, setting up our own industry specific podcasts, grocery shopping and going online through our mobile phone, the possibilities seem endless, but I believe the 20 somethings find ways to attribute marketing dollars to tactics that baby boomers wouldn't associate with initially.

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