Thursday, August 18, 2005

What is it that we do? Google, Yahoo, MSN...?

Aside from everything that is going on in the industry right now from Geico beating Google out in the PR realm with their pseudo press release about winning the trademark infringement case to tons of reviews on Search Engine Strategies in San Jose to Yahoo Publisher's Network to the drama of Jason Calacanis's revenue from affiliate marketing, we are inundated with information from all outlets, whether it be media, co-workers, friends and family. But in the end, what is it that we do? You know when you meet someone new at a gathering or out at a bar and you get asked, "So what do you do for work? or So what do you do for a living?" The anticipation of just presenting your complicated role to them comes out as, "Hmm..." or "Well..." or my favorite is "Yeah, u know Google?" It starts off with I work at an interactive marketing firm, then gets broken down into department down to position with a brief "human meta description" of what I do on a daily basis, whether they have any idea or not what I am actually talking about. It's in the response though that reveals the layman's perception of who we are as an industry. "So you get sites ranked higher for keywords" or "Yeah you talk to Google with keywords" or "You work at Google?!"
I'm interested in hearing what sort of responses people get when replying to that questions, so either email me or comment here and I'll make sure they all get up.
thanks and enjoy your weekends!

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