Thursday, August 04, 2005

PA Search Marketing Firm Credits PageRank to Web Sales...?

Does that green bar on your Google Toolbar affect your online sales? Yooter InterActive Marketing ( ) has discovered several threads and blogs that have noted that people check the Pagerank of the company before purchasing a product from the website.

It appears that a growing number of individuals are taking a quick peek at the Pagerank of the website before purchasing from an ecommerce site. If the site has little or no Pagerank the potential customer moves on to another website that offers similar products.

*Okay now, maybe within the SEO industry people who understand the principles of PageRank may make a good assumption that PageRank could lead you to believe a site is worthy enough to purchase from, but from working at a marketing firm and having people around me wonder what those green pixels are and how do I get it, leads me to believe this isn't that newsworthy. If you are an SEO and you are using PageRank to make an assumption like this, then re-evaluate your industry knowledge because any spam site can leverage links and garner a high PageRank. Believe It Or Not?

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