Monday, June 20, 2005

Competing Metrics: PR Impressions vs. Online Clicks

So I started a recent post about competing metrics in the form of PR impressions reported by generic demographics of a TV show spot/mention and it's relationship to targeted online clicks. Though online clicks may not be in the billions, there is one significant difference...Online Clicks are targeted when it comes to search engine marketing campaigns. To say that PR impressions are bloated would be too PC at the present with search growing to a $6B industry in 2006. This thread offers some feedback into the very nature of what is important when comparing apples to oranges...

From Robert Charlton:
"Click-throughs and conversions, of course, are the name of the game... though there's also that intangible called branding. It's been argued that the kind of result, paid, organic, or a combination of the two, influences the branding effect. These things are very hard to measure, and just looking at raw impression numbers, with no weight being given to them, can be extremely misleading. But you could make a strong argument that search impressions are more likely to be effective than the PR impressions you're competing with."

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