Wednesday, June 01, 2005

As Blogging Goes Corporate, So Does Your College Roommate

Blogging is becoming quite the tactic in every marketer's toolset. Reaching out to the masses with a personalized message is becoming the most travelled route to getting their attention.

The Wall Street Journal reports that blogging, once seen as a subversive voice of the unwashed masses, has gone corporate. Danone’s Stonyfield Farm Yogurt, Microsoft and many other companies are now paying people to write blogs for marketing, recruiting and other purposes. According to the Journal, about 4 percent of major American corporations have blogs that are available to the public. The story also reports that online job sites such as and Monster are posting more ads for corporate bloggers.

So if you're in school still, it might be a good idea not to skip those writing courses at 7am. Blogging has become a corporate position and it may be useful to those wondering what they are doing at the end of May. There are multiple sites that allow you to setup free blogs:

AOL Journal
Blog Easy
Blog City
Journal Space
Mod Blog
MSN Spaces

6% of the entire U.S. adult population (internet users and non-users alike) have created blogs. That’s one out of every 20 people.
New data on blogs and blogging from PEW

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