Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Viral Marketing Case Study

The guys over at Fluxx are up to it again. Look at this data on how posting a little topic in a forum can increase traffic to your site and even relevant traffic if you choose a topic specific to your business.

Fluxx chose the AVP Fan Forum to post a new topic describing its new web site and new clothing line as well as its new volleyball blog.

Here is the immediate data the provided to us:

Date Unique Visits Hits File Size
18 Apr 2005 57 194 744 5.36 MB
19 Apr 2005 63 241 1497 11.41 MB

In one day they were able to double their traffic and from a relevant, pre-qualified source. It doesn't take much to set this kind of tactic up, but viral marketing can prove to be very useful for branding and potential sales if you are setup for online commerce.

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