Monday, April 11, 2005

Podscasting Case Study Larger than Life

eMarketer cites and questions a new report, "Podcasting Catches On," by Pew, estimating that more than six million American adults - 29 percent of the 22 million U.S. adults who own MP3 players - have listened to a podcast.

Pew admits the numbers are probably overblown, due to a "broad" survey question. But the potential audience is upscale, which should help attract advertisers.

Some 18 percent of households with annual income of more than $75,000 have MP3 or iPod devices.

If you are unsure exactly what a podcast is, InformationWeek defines it as "an audio file that has been published or syndicated online as an RSS feed. It may be music, a radio-style talk show, or other audio content." The term "podcasting" emerged last year, and it is a portmanteau combing the words "iPod" and "broadcasting." Anyone who subscribes to a podcast feed can download the file and transfer it to an iPod or another digital audio device for playback.

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