Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So I guess I've been slacking a little bit, but this article will redeem me with my readers.

Top 14 Search Engine Marketing Mistakes Etailers Should Avoid

If you're not an etailer, these still can provide some insight into how your search engine marketing firm is servicing you or not.

Search Engine Marketing Article

13. Giving SEO Precedence Over the User Experience - All too often, companies become so obsessed with garnering top natural search engine rankings that they end up converting their web site into something garish-looking, poorly navigatable or functional, and with no clear marketing message. The end result is that they may have great rankings but lousy sales - don't make this mistake!!

All too often this is the case and I've been getting requests for website reviews from businesses that have focused so much on their SEO that their site isn't usable. Just because someone can find the WaWa (East Coast reference), doesn't mean putting the price tags behind the merchandise is going to help. At least stop giving pickles for change.

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