Thursday, December 09, 2004

Podvertising...New Medium for Offline Advertising...Coming to an iPod near you

Savvy online marketers have a whole new medium to exploit: It's called "podcasting." Could this be the next Discuss at WebProWorld.

Podcasting -- a play on the words broadcasting and Web-casting. A podcast is a time-shifted audio program that can be created using a simple microphone-equipped PC. It is distributed to subscribers via RSS. Users who subscribe to a program's feed receive new episodes on their Mac or PC as they are released. The audio file is then subsequently automatically synched to an iPod or equivalent MP3 digital music player, allowing the subscriber to listen to the time-shifted program at their convenience.

Will the ability to launch RSS feeds on ipods, spark a new avenue for search engine marketing tactics. The ability to receive newsworthy info on your ipod while walking down the street, carving down the slopes or burning calories on that elliptical; it's exciting! Another way to think outside the box and garner some of those Generation Y consumer dollars.

How to make an RSS feed

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