Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Excerpt from MediaPost Daily:

Readers responded enthusiastically last week after the Minute's request for ideas to name Microsoft's search engine something other than, well, MSN Search.

BJ Cook, a search engine marketing strategist at [company] suggested "SNurch," a send up of "Lurch" from the Adams Family, "Snetch," or "Snooch."

Matt Debes, a senior sales planner at AOL, took a more obvious route with "Microscope," "Peeping Bill," (which he says is like a "Windows Searcher"), and "Searchsoft."

Media Post Article

Whoa I got recognition next to the likes of AOL. I'm going global!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Unfortunately, I sold my Looksmart stock yesterday at $1.80/share instead of waiting today for $2.01/share! Very disappointed. SIRIUS seems to be doing well these days with the addition of the new CEO and Howard Stern. Keep on the lookout for them.

Back to SEM NEWS:

Seems as if the WebmasterWorld Conference was a hit, as I was tracking the updates in the Search Engine Roundtable site.

Faulty clustering in Yahoo!, hmm...?
Also, how does everyone feel about the new Google Certified Professional Search Engine Specialists Program? Seems like a revenue generating source for Google, is it worth it though?
Check out the Rich Media vs. SEM article over at RealSEO.com

Until later in the week, signing off at Laundry Media

Friday, November 19, 2004

Beach Volleyball Clothing from FLUXX has been born. These guys seem to have the right business model. They are using viral marketing and some search engine marketing in order to achieve optimal placement within a niche market as well as position themselves brand-wise. I see they are donating a portion of their sale also to the American Cancer Society as well. Great Cause and could prove to be the driving force behind their existence.

Check out Fluxx Volleyball Clothing for more info!

The Fluxx has risen!